COLEMAN NATURAL® NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER Oven Roasted, Artisan Scored Skinless Turkey Breast

Product Code: 30243
No Antibiotics Ever 100% Vegetarian Fed Gluten Free Lower Sodium

Meet consumer demand for free-from additives by serving turkey raised with NO Antibiotics Ever and on a 100% vegetarian diet with no animal by-products. Fully cooked natural shape premium turkey made with 2 boneless breast lobes. Lightly browned and scored to provide a premium appearance to compliment the superior texture. This product is perfect for both center of the plate and gourmet sandwich applications. Our unique packaging features eliminate the use of a knife to open the bags and also the master case. Certified gluten free. Our turkeys are hatched, raised and harvested in the USA with high standards of animal care on independent family farms.


Turkey Breast. Contains less than 2% of salt, natural flavor. Browned in Soybean Oil.



GTIN 90072745302438
Average Piece Size 5 - 8 lbs. AVG
Max Weight
(L x W x H) 15.813 x 10.563 x 6.125
Cube 0.592
per Pallet 100
Pallet Tie Hi 10 x 10


Cook Level Fully Cooked
Storage Method Keep Refrigerated
Storage Temperature 28.0-36.0
Shelf Life 70 Days


† Based on the USDA standard for prepackaged turkey breast of 503 mg/2 oz serving

Specifications are current as of June 7, 2023 and are subject to change.

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Coleman Natural


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